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The Global Guerrillas Report: a monthly report that provides decision-makers with unique frameworks for making sense of our rapidly changing world. Report goals:

  • Brevity: A book scale idea in five easy-to-read pages.

  • Durability: Frameworks that are as good today as they are in a decade.

  • Applicability: Actionable insight for decision-makers (you).

Podcasts show notes (links to further reading, notes, etc.).

Global Guerrilla Briefs: Concise takes on evolving situations or disruptive events that connect readers to valuable frameworks from previous reports.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m John Robb. Here’s some deep detail on my life:

  • Military Training: Air Force Pilot Training - SERE Training - Advanced Interrogation Training - Advanced Driving Training - Free Fall Parachute Training - Glider Training

  • Military Service: Tier 1 Special Operations - Working with Delta and Seal Team 6 (basically, I was a smuggler, NVG low level, landing on roads).

  • Private Sector:

    • Analyst: Forrester Research - The world’s first(?) professional Internet Analyst. Quoted by the NYTimes, WSJ, BBC, Business Week, CNBC, Economist, etc.

    • Entrepreneur: Gomez Advisors (financial industry) - Co-founder and President - We built a performance testing system that spanned 54 cities worldwide that tested the transaction systems on the sites of big brokers and banks (JP Morgan, etc.) in real time. Gomez sold for $295 m to CompuWare.

    • Tech Pioneer: UserLand Software - CEO - We developed the foundational technologies and user interface for social networking in 2001. We released the RSS (really simple syndication) specification as open-source software and used it to build the world’s first social network.

  • Author: Brave New War (3 Printings). A book about the future of warfare that has become a military classic. Popular with the CJCS, CIA, NSA, DoD, etc.

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John Robb 

I write The Global Guerrillas Report -- predictive frameworks for making sense of the world at the intersection of war, technology, and politics -- available on Substack and Patreon. https://johnrobb.substack.com/ Twitter @johnrobb